Dennis van den Berg

Sunday 9:00 pm trending_flat 10:00 pm

Dynamic D (Dennis van den Berg) was born in the 70’s in a small place near Rotterdam.

His musical journey started in the 80’s when he heared Italo Disco on a local radiostation.He got obsessed by the sound and from the mid 80’s till now he digged for hours in thrift stores, flea markets and record fairs to find obscure electronic tracks. In the years that followed his dj life got inspired by listening to mixes from I.F. (CBS/HotMix/Intergalactic FM) Peet Need (Bordello A Parigi/Salamanca) & Flemming Dalum (ZYX/Mothball)

Being a bedroom dj for many years Bordello A Parigi gave him the change to do a live set in 2015 after he delivered 5 mix cd’s for the label as Baldeejays with his friend Peet Need.

That was the start of playing at party’s like : Disco Total (Melkweg/OT301/Brett in Amsterdam) Welcome To Rimini (Hamburg) Automaticamore (Berlin) Italo House + Salon Jupiter (Mexico City) Tutti (Nijmegen) 5 times in a row at the IFM party’s (Panama Racing Club/Whoosah/Zahara Bar in Den Haag) Wibar (Leiden) and several other places at the westcoast of Holland


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